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Mrs. McMasters
Cupertino Middle School
Chapter 10
The Bill of Rights 8th Grade Social Studies

Grade Level:
Social Studies
Goal Summary:
Students demonstrate mastery of Chapter 10 the Bill of Rights by creating an acrostic poem as a mnemonic to remember the Bill of Rights. Students create, edit and produce a video skit explaining the importance of the their legal rights and protections.
Standards Met:
IDs Only
Essential Questions:
What fundamental freedoms are guaranteed by each amendment of the Bill of Rights? How do these amendments protect people from government excesses? (8.2, 8.2.6). What are your legal rights and protections when you are charged with a crime?
Content Goals:
Students analyze the political principles underlying the U.S. Constitution and compare the enumerated and implied powers of the federal government. Students are assigned further inquiry into their legal rights and protections when charged with a crime.
Skill Goals:
Students produce video vignette using iPad. Students create a video depicting an arresting officer making an arrest based upon having secured a warrant from a judge. Student portraying the officer makes an arrest on a student who stole another student's car. The vignette focuses on the Miranda Rights being read to accused when making the arrest. Student portrays the defendants' lawyer. Another student portrays the judge who signs the search warrant. Student video produced, and edits video
First, our focus is the Bill of Rights and enabling students access content knowledge from texts, reference books, and internet research. The students will be assessed how they interpret and process this information to produce a video portraying their knowledge and development as student learners.