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Click, Clack, Moo by: Doreen Cornin Common Core Reading Comprehension Unit Study

Grade Level:
Language Arts
Start Date:
End Date:
Goal Summary:
Students will explain major differences between books that tell stories and books that give information, drawing on a wide reading of a range of text types. Students will also be to identify main characters, setting, and events.
Standards Met:
IDs Only
Essential Questions:
What makes a story a story? Who are the characters in a story, what is the setting, and what are the events of the story?
The students should understand that there are certain components that make a story. The students should be able to identify main characters, setting, and events.
Content Goals:
Students will state that the story tells a story and does not simply give information; therefore, making it a piece of prose as opposed to a informational text.
Students will identify the main characters, the setting, and events of the story.
As I get ready to teach this unit I hope my students gain an understanding of what makes a story a story and how a story differs from informational text. I also hope that they enjoy the student activities and are able to do them successfully. It is also my hope that they will gain an understanding of graphic organizers and thinking maps that they will carry on to another book study. I hope that my students will gain a greater understanding of writing and be able to share their thoughts with another and strengthen their creativity.