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Graphing Linear Equations

Grade Level:
Algebra 1a
Goal Summary:
Students will understand the structure of linear equations, be able to graph linear equations, and be able to write linear equations from a graph or two points.
Standards Met:
IDs Only
Content Goals:
Students will understand the structure of a linear equation and understand how to graph the equation given either an equation, or two points, or write the equation given the graph or two points.
Skill Goals:
Students will be able to graph linear equations given an equation in slope intercept form or standard form. Students will be able to find the slope of linear equations given a graph or equation. Students will write an equation in slope intercept form given the graph, or two points.
The unit went fairly well. The students said they liked having the booklet to take notes in. They said it was easier and helped them organize. I have made a few changes to the booklets to the one they had by adding more graphs so they didn't have to sketch the graph from scratch. I thought the unit would go much faster but I slowed down because this is typically a hard topic for students. The test average was lower than on previous test but the mistakes were mostly careless errors. The most common mistake was inverting the slope to run over rise. There were 5 A's, 2 B's, 2 C 's, 2 D's, and 5 F's. This is typical of a Math test. Either a student knows it or they don't. There are no in betweens. They were allowed to use notes but most that needed the notes did not have them, they said they couldn't read them, or they said it was too much trouble. I had hoped for much better. Many in this class have great difficulty processing information from the board. I have to show them individually. It is hard to show each one individually. They for the most part write down what I tell them or show them but don't understand until I point it out to them one on one. I am reteaching this as I teach systems of equations.
I haven't been able to motivate 3 of the students to do anything. They have failed every test, seldom do homework, and do not come to tutoring even when they say they will.