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Grade Level:
Social Studies
Start Date:
End Date:
Goal Summary:
To provide students with grade-level appropriate activities that encourage active student engagement while
Standards Met:
IDs Only
Essential Questions:
How were the Native Americans? What kind of traditions did they have? Where did they live? What do you already know about Native Americans? What happened when the Early explorers encountered the Natives? Compare the Native Americans to the Explorers. Where did the explorers come from and what did they want? What do you know about the colonies?? How many were there? When was the American revolution? How did it start? Who was involved and how did it end? What is the bill of rights?? How did it come about? Emancipation proclamation what was it? What books can we read that will be good examples of this time in history? How was a new nation established? When was the civil war?? What happened after it?
Content Goals:
Students will be able to tell the difference between the native Americans and the explorers. Students will be able to define colony and explain colony life. Student should be able to explain civil war, branches of government,they will also be able to describe battles of the revolutionary war. students in fifth grade should be able to explain the causes, major events, and consequences also being able to cite important documents of history such as the emancipation proclamation and 13, 14, and 15th amendments. Students will also cover some current events that are important gathering information from TV, newspapers, magazines, and the internet. Students will be able to tell how a new nations was established Students will be able to present a diorama of their choosing from any of the topics discuss in the unit, or time line with pictures, or a power point slide of 10 slides presented to the class. The presentations will be able to show that students know and have retained the information presented to them over the course of the unit.