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Literacy Extension

Comprehension and Sequencing

Grade Level:
Literacy Extension
Start Date:
End Date:
Goal Summary:
Students are working towards: Staying on task, maintaining attention to task, task completion, taking turns, sequencing and planning, text prediction and comprehension. Students will work towards increased ability to write text types, including introduction, body and conclusions from random stimulus. Concurrent goal of increasing handwriting stamina and distal control.
Skill Goals:
Drawn from IEPs, by the end of this sequence

Antonio will:
- Maintain focus during tasks, demonstrating increase attention to what he is doing, and increased attention to peers and teacher's instructions.
- Work towards answering inferential questions at a high level.

Ben will:
- Use phonic knowledge to sound out new words.
- Increase his distal control through handwriting practice.
- Maintain focus and attention to literacy tasks, listening to teacher and peers during turn-taking.

Connor will:
- Extend his ability to consider and respond to Blank's levels of questioning. - Maintain focus and attention to his work, actively listening to instructions.
- Increase his distal control through writing practice.

Eva, Sam, Cameron refer to group goals.
Other Information:
Specific Adjustments

Antonio: Provide time for Antonio to process and verbally respond. Verbally prompt Antonio to focus and attend to task (frequently misses information due to not paying attention).
Connor: Provide visual cues/prompts or scaffolds when introducing a new task; re-use these visuals giving Connor time to consolidate the new learning/process before eliminating visual cues.
Ben: Ensure seating arrangement places Ben close to teacher (for HI) and not close to Ryan (who speaks loudly and frequently). Ben loses focus/concentration if he cannot hear clearly.

Behaviour Management

Two primary methods for behaviour management, as these students struggle to maintain focus and will become highly distracted and unfocused due to lack of structure or clear reinforcement. Use paddle-pop sticks with students names on them, instead of reading in a circle, reading turns are picked randomly using paddle-pop sticks. Aim is to maintain attention due to unpredictability of random pick, and increase engagement due to novelty.
Secondly, names on white-board and put ticks beside names for making 'good choices' including focus, completing task, quiet mouth, active listening. Provide box/surprise at the end of lesson if 5 ticks are achieved.