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Goal Summary:
As students prepare for college and the professional wold they need to be prepared to conduct research in order to come to conclusions and support their ideas. In this unit students will practice conducting research on their own and with others. Students will be provided with aids to begin research, analyze sources, determine quality information, and develop correct citations in MLA format.
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Essential Questions:
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Content Goals:
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Skill Goals:
SWBAT develop and refine search queries to get better research results by using specifity, alternative terms, and effective keywords.

SWBAT Display persistence by continuing to pursue information to gain
a broad perspective by creating a scope for research and providing multiple sources.

SWABT identify types of resources as scholarly, popular, primary, or secondary, by interpreting the meaning "digital citizenship" and using it as a lens when participating in academic internet use.

SWBAT identify appropriate search engines and databases for scholarly research by employing various provided databases in their research.

SWBAT Respect intellectual property rights of creators and producers by creating appropriate citations in MLA.
Other Information:
As students familiarize themselves with current events based off of a New York Times photograph they will be asked to generate generate questions regarding the context of the photograph and its meaning, or lack there of, in their lives. This project creates an opportunity for students to learn about how to conduct an appropriate research and apply MLA formatting.
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