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Colonial Literature

Grade Level:
Language Arts
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Goal Summary:
The students will learn about the Age of Faith during the colonial time period because it will assist them with understanding the literary movement and historical situations of the setting. The students will be informed about the development of the United States of America as a nation and American literature as a separate type of literature from British literature. The students will discuss the works of literature from this time period and their relevance to the literary movement. They will be able to evaluate the plain style of the Puritan writers as they analyze the literary works as demonstrative of the colonial time period. The students will evaluate the influence of the colonial time period on form, style, and point of view, and they will analyze the literary characteristics of the colonial time period
Standards Met:
IDs Only
Essential Questions:
1. Are exploration and adventure natural human instincts?
2. How are faith and reason in opposition to one another? Do they have to be dichotomous?
3. How do individualism and faith affect one another?
4. What is the relationship between the spiritual world and the physical world?