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NUR 214 F 1: CTs; Pneumothorax; Burns

Day 12
Goal Summary:
Client with EMERGENCY & TRAUMA needs: (1) Implement caring interventions in response to their diverse needs and inherent value; (2) Assess adaptation to internal and external changes; (3) Implement individualized prevention strategies; (4) Apply the nursing process while providing comprehensive, collaborative care; (5) Demonstrate effective communication including information technologies; (6) Demonstrate professional behaviors consistent with the nursing profession; (7) Use appropriate teaching strategies in providing health education; (8) Participate in self-directed learning through researching and planning appropriate nursing care.
Essential Questions:
• Role of trauma/ED nurse and team collaboration
• Safety considerations staff/patient
• Scope of practice- basics
• Three level triage model & trauma center levels
• Primary survey-ABCDE
• Secondary survey- head to toe and addressing other issues
Content Goals:
Emergency departments (EDs) are fast paced and overcrowded environments that care for patients with a variety of health problems across the life span.
Vulnerable populations who present to the ED include older adults, individuals who are uninsured or underinsured, mentally ill, and abused.
The most common reasons that patients seek ED care include chest pain, abdominal pain, headache, and fever.
The interdisciplinary ED team includes prehospital providers, physicians, nurses, specialty teams, and support staff.
Explain best practices to maintain safety in the ED. Students should understand competencies for the ED nurse, as well as the most commonly used triage systems.
Discuss the most common mechanisms of injury and the steps of the primary survey and trauma resuscitation interventions to help students learn the proper actions in emergency situations.
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