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Unit 1 Biochemistry

Grade Level:
Honors Biology
Start Date:
End Date:
Goal Summary:
1. identify and diagram the particles that make up atoms
2. compare covalent bonds and ionic bonds
3. describe van der Waals forces
4. identify the parts of a chemical reaction
5. relate energy changes to chemical reactions
6. summarize how enzymes facilitate chemical reactions in living organisms
7. evaluate how the structure of water makes it a good solvent
8. compare and contrast solutions and suspensions
9. describe the differences between acids and bases
10. describe the role of carbon in living organisms
11. identify and summarize the four major families of biological macromolecules
12. compare the functions of each group of biological macromolecules
13. identify a living organism by observing the 8 characteristics of life
14. identify data as qualitative or quantitative
15. accurately graph and analyze scientific data by: (a) determining the appropriate type of graph to analyze data, (b) identifying the independent and dependent variables, (c) appropriately label the x and y axis, including metric units utilized, (d) create an appropriate sized graph, by determining the best scale for the x & y axis (e) accurately plot data points on graph, (f) create a “best fit” line if graph is a line graph, (g) appropriately title graph
Essential Questions:
SB1. How does structure relate to function in living cells?
a. How do organelles and the cell membrane help cells to maintain homeostasis?
b. How do enzymes function as catalysts?
c. How do the four major macromolecules (carbohydrates. Proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids) function in living organisms?
d. How does water impact life processes?