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Anatomy & Physiology 11th & 12th

Control Systems

Grade Level:
Anatomy & Physiology
Start Date:
End Date:
Goal Summary:
Students will be able to identify how the endocrine and nervous systems interact to maintain homeostatic balance.
Students will understand that key processes that allow systems interact with one another.
Standards Met:
IDs Only
Essential Questions:
What role does the endocrine system play in the regulation of the human body?
Content Goals:
Students will be able to identify the role/function of each endocrine gland in regulating the human body.
Students will be able to identify which endocrine glands and hormones are responsible for the control and regulation of other body organs and endocrine glands.
Students will be able to evaluate and determine the cause of common endocrine disorders.
Skill Goals:
1. Work collaboratively, competently and ethically within a team.
2. Apply concepts and knowledge of general terminology, cell structure and function, gross anatomy, physiology, histology and terminology related to the endocrine and nervous systems toward clinical problem solving.
3. Critically evaluate health articles related to anatomy and physiology and examine the contexts of public health and broader social issues.
4. Effectively evaluate case studies in anatomy and physiology through verbal, written and/or multimedia means.
5. Use correct terminology to communicate anatomical features and physiological processes.