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Norton, Adams
9th Grade English

The Lord of the Flies: A Study of the Novel

Grade Level:
Language Arts
Start Date:
End Date:
Goal Summary:
Through this unit, students will explore the concept of power and civilization. Students will learn how to identify and analyze symbolism and theme. They will also learn how to apply three critical approaches to the novel, each leading to a specific interpretation.
Standards Met:
IDs Only
Essential Questions:
1. Is mankind naturally inclined to be evil or good?
2. What makes a good leader?
Skill Goals:
1) Students will be able to purposefully use different types of phrases and clauses in their own writing to add variety and interest.
2) Students will be able to apply the rules of capitalization and punctuation (commas and apostrophes) to their writing.
3) Students will be able to correctly use a colon in their writing--and locate an error in colon use.
4)Students will be able to develop vocabulary independently.
5)Students will be able to find information in the text that clearly supports an idea; they will also be able to explain how they infer ideas from the text.
6)Students will be able to determine a theme in a complex text and be able to explain how different parts of the novel (like characters, conflicts, symbols, events) help create that theme.
7)Students will be able to explain how a complex character evolves through the novel.
8) Students will be able to find connections between the main text and other texts like the Bible
9) Students will be able to write informational texts that contain clear topic sentences (and a thesis for essays), clear organization, carefully selected and relevant details and quotations, and an effective closing statement or paragraph
10) students will be able to use creative presentation websites like Glogster, Museum Box, Prezi, and/or SlideRocket to include sound, hypertext, links, etc.