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Biology 3rd Trimester

Grade Level:
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Goal Summary:
Investigate with our second grade class the Biology topics covered in our trimester
Standards Met:
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Essential Questions:
A. Constructing knowledge
Diversity of life: How can plants be grouped according to their observable features?
Cells: describe minute organisms, including their interaction w their environment
Genetics: Plants have a life cycle we can identify and that for offspring to look like their parents there have to be reliable ways to transfer genetic info
Evolution: observe and describe variations within a population
Matter and Energy: Food is what all living things need in order to survive
Ecology: organisms can grow and survive in many habitats
Skill Goals:
2.1.c. Use tools such as thermometers, magnifiers, rulers, or balances to extend their senses and gather data.
3.1.c. Explain that comparisons of data might not befair because some conditions are not kept the same.
2.1.d. Explain that when a science investigation is done the way it was done before, we expect to get avery similar result.
2.1.g. Use whole numbers and simple,everyday fractions in ordering, counting, identifying,measuring, and describing things and experiences.
3.1.g. Judge whether measurements and computations of quantities are reasonable in a familiar context by comparing them to typical values when measured to the nearest:Millimeter -length Square centimeter -area
Milliliter - volume Newton -weight Gram -massSecond - time Degree C -temperature
B Applying evidence and reasoning
C Communicating Scientific Information