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Social Studies
Week of 04-27-15

Grade Level:
Social Studies
Chapter 11; President Washington Takes Office, Political Parties are Born, A New City, Living in the President's House, Jefferson Wins Election of 1800, A Nation Moving West, The Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, A Growing Nation
I can...
- Describe how President Washington organized the Executive Branch around the Cabinet.
- Explain how political parties emerged in the American government system.
- Describe how the location and design of the nation’s capital was decided upon.
- Describe the accomplishments of significant leaders of the United States such as Benjamin Banneker.
- Evaluate the effects of the rise of political parties in the United States.
- Explain why and how the United States expanded westward.
- Describe the Louisiana Purchase and tell what effect it had on the nation.
- Identify reasons for and findings of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
- Use primary and secondary sources, such as visual information, to acquire information.
- Interpret information in visuals, including maps.
Other Information:
Grade Level Expectations Met:
37. Describe and compare the various religious groups in colonial America and the role of religion in colonial communities (H-1B-M4)
38. Describe the political, social, and economic organization and structure of the thirteen British colonies that became the United States (H-1B-M5)
39. Describe reflections of European culture, politics, and institutions in American life (H-1B-M5)
40. Explain why some colonists felt loyal to England due to their cultural, political, and economic ties to their homeland (H-1B-M5)
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