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Holly Parsons
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Shape Poetry Lesson

Grade Level:
Language Arts/Visual Arts
Shape Poetry
After being exposed to a variety of shape poems, students will create their own animal shape poems. Students will use vocabulary related to physical characteristics and adaptations of animals (information gathered from previous science lessons). They will also use descriptive vocabulary found in thesauruses.
Other Information:
Students will be evaluated using the following checklist:
- Student used vocabulary/terminology from the Science (Physical Characteristics/Adaptations) matrix.
- Student demonstrated ability to include descriptive language (imagery) either on their own or by using a thesaurus.
- Student followed shape poetry form by neatly writing words along/around animal silhouette.
Public Notes:
Animal Silhouette Stock Image - Image: 5711171. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Picturing Autumn Thoughts. (n.d.). Retrieved from
SELF ASSESSMENT: I am thrilled with the outcome of this lesson! Students were engaged and motivated. I love that I was able to incorporate science vocabulary into a poetry activity, combining informational text with artistic expression. The only thing that I would change the next time I teach this lesson is the time frame. Students struggled to complete the poems in the time I had planned. I think that I would actually break this lesson into two parts over two days- reading and analyzing examples of shape poems one day, and then creating class shape poem and independent work time on the next day.
- Bookmark websites with examples of shape poems
- Print copies of basic silhouettes/outlines of animals students have researched in previous science lessons.
- bookmarked websites or print outs of shape poem examples
- computer and/or overhead projector/screen to display shape poems
- thesauruses
- printed silhouettes of shapes of animals for students to choose from when they create their own poems
Standards Met:
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