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3rd Grade:
Know Your Bit Guided Reading Group-Students should be able to do a "book examination" prior to reading and make educated guesses on the topic, setting, and characters, and form questions they may have prior to reading. -Students should be able to read and comprehend Knit Your Bit: A World War I Story and actively discuss in a guided reading group. -Students should be able to answer the following critical thinking questions: 1. What is the setting of the story? 2. Who are the main characters? 3. Can you connect to this in any way? 4. What did you already know about a "knit-in?" or, What did you think a "knit-in" was before reading this? 5. What activities do we often think are only for boys or girls? What did the story teach you about this? Should everyone be allowed to do any activity they like?(No ratings)
5th Grade:
Ridge Road Elementary Lesson Plan: WWI Review-Students will be able to explain the causes of WWI -Students will be able to identify the countries involved in WWI -Students will be able to understand the vocabulary involved in WWI(No ratings)
7th Grade:
World War I: Trench Warfare Lesson(1)Students will be able to analyze letters written by World War I soldiers and summarize them. (2)Students will also be able to create their own letters to send home using the information about the war that we have learned in previous lessons. (3) Students will then reenact trench warfare and answer questions about their experiences.(No ratings)
8th Grade:
Review for WWILearning Target I can: Classify information about WWI into 3 categories - Causes, Events and Effects(No ratings)
Review for WWI Unit AssessmentLearning Targets: I can: List the major causes of WWI Define: Imperialism, Militarism, Nationalism, Alliance System Describe chronological order Give an example of a primary source Explain the goal of Wilson's 14 points and the creation of the League of Nations Explain why the U.S. Senate opposed joining the League of Nations(No ratings)
The Liberty Bond PosterStudents will be able to list at least 3 widely shared and recognized symbols, analyzed a WWI Poster for persuasive elements. Explain how the posters' creator used words and images (symbols) to convince the viewer to buy bonds. Evaluate the effectiveness of the words and images.(No ratings)
The Treaty of VersaillesLearning Target I can: Describe3 how Germany alone was blamed WWI(No ratings)
World War I - In Flanders FieldLeaning Targets I can: Cite evidence to support analysis of a primary source. Determine the central idea a primary source(No ratings)
World War I 1914-1919Learning Target: Students will actively engage in partner note taking activity. I will identify 18 reading focus questions for World War I.(No ratings)
WWILearning Target I can evaluate the effects of Tank and Trench warfare during World War I.(No ratings)
10th Grade:
Lesson PlanThe students will be able to describe the world just before WW1 got started.(No ratings)
Rise of Germany & Foundations of WarStudents should be able to name the primarily leader of Germany during this time, as well as the leader at the time of WWI. Students should be able to give a fairly detailed account of Germany's rise to power and its effect on Europe.(No ratings)
World History S2I will understand key terms, events leading up to WWI, Key dates of events, and especially I will understand the meaning of nationalism and patriotism and its role in WWI.(No ratings)
11th Grade:
Lesson PlanStudents will be able to understand how the sinking of the Lusitania caused the United States to consider remaining neutral or enter into World War I.(No ratings)
World War I and AftermathStudents will be able to outline key events of World War I and after. Students will know key terms related to World War I and after.(No ratings)

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