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7th Grade:
Drug Unit Day 3TSWBAT: review what they have read by completing the text based questions. TSWBAT: explain the gist of the reading to a partner. TSWBAT: Use evidence from the text to complete the text based questions.(No ratings)
9th Grade:
Substance Abuse Day 6TSWBAT: 1. Write the gist of the article. 2. explain the gist using at least 4 vocabulary words defined from the article. 3. provide constructive feedback to a peer using the rubric.(No ratings)
Substance Abuse Day 7TSWBAT: 1. provide constructive feedback to a peer using the rubric. 2. complete text based questions, using the evidence they have gathered.(No ratings)
10th Grade:
Illegal Drugs1.) Summarize how drug abuse can negatively affect a person's life. 2.) Identify the ways that drug abuse can affect a family 3.) List four ways that drug abuse impacts society 4.) Describe the principles that describe effective drug abuse treatment. 5.) List five ways that you could refuse illegal drugs.(No ratings)

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