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9th Grade:
The Law of SinesStudents will be able to use the Law of Sines to find missing parts of acute triangles. The deeper purpose of the lesson is to show how investigating with previous knowledge (tools) can lead to discovering something new.(No ratings)
11th Grade:
Applications of Radian MeasureThe students should be able to find the Arc Length and Area of a Sector for circles and be able to apply this concept to solve real problems.(No ratings)
Lesson PlanStudents will explore amplitude, period, phase shift, and vertical shift and develop general formulas for finding amplitude, period, and phase shift. Students will use the unit circle and transformations to graph sine and cosine functions.(No ratings)
Linear and Angular VelocityThe students should be able to define Linear and Angular Velocity and use it to solve real problems that involve these velocities.(No ratings)
Radian MeasureThe students will be able to Define Radian Measure. The students will be able to convert between Degrees and Radian measure. The students will be able to find function values for angles in Radian measure.(No ratings)
The Unit Circle and Circular FunctionsThe students should be able to define the trigonometric functions for a Unit Circle and use it to find Values of Circular Functions.(No ratings)
12th Grade:
Trigonometry (emergency LP)Students should be able to solve problems using rational exponents(No ratings)

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