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The Lesson Builder is a lesson-design tool that helps teachers reduce planning time by providing fully customizable lesson and unit templates. Automatic storage in a personal Library and automatic professional formatting provide strong and reliable documentation for standards compliance with no additional work.

Plan lessons and units with less busywork, 100% free.

Customizable lesson and unit templates support your natural planning process,
with professional formatting, access-anywhere editing, easy sharing, and Common Core integration.

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Customizable template.

Keep the flexibility of free-form planning while gaining the organizational benefits of a fully-built template. Better than Word!

See a sample lesson plan and unit plan.


Automatic professional formatting.

Don't waste time on formatting.

The Lesson Builder will format your lesson professionally so you feel confident sharing your work with your colleagues, principal, or Common Core advisor.


Access anywhere.

Never worry about whether your latest version is saved on your home or school computer. All your work is saved directly to “the cloud”, so you can always pick up where you left off.

You can even save paper and review your plan on your smartphone before class!


Easy sharing.

The URL for each lesson and unit you build is unique. This means you can share your work with your administrator without sending a clunky attachment, and your administrator will always have the most up-to-date version if you make changes.


Common Core integration.

No need to wade through an 80-page PDF to ensure your lessons and units are aligned with the Common Core. Select the standards you meet from the list that applies to your grade and subject to have them automatically included in your plan.