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Show Grades:
K - MLK DayStudents should be able to listen to non-fiction text and make connections.(Under 3 ratings)
1st Grade:
1st - MLK DayStudents should be able to listen to non-fiction text and make connections.(Under 3 ratings)
2nd Grade:
M.L.K. DayIntroduce/Review why we celebrate MLK Day(Under 3 ratings)
3rd Grade:
3rd - MLK DayStudents should be able to identify the POV of the author and discuss how it may affect the tone of the text.(Under 3 ratings)
4th Grade:
4th - MLK DayStudents should be able to identify the primary source used in the video and relate events from the life of MLK Jr and how the quotes from the text relate to his work.(Under 3 ratings)
5th Grade:
Reading ComprehensionDemonstrate understanding of informational text/refering to the text to answer questions.(Under 3 ratings)
6th Grade:
Morning JournalStudents will compose 3 full sentences on what Presidents Day is and why they think it is important to celebrate people and events of the past.(Under 3 ratings)
8th Grade:
Civil Rights Movement & MLKAnalyze a historical document, Letter from Birmingham Jail. Develop interpretation and discussion skills Develop an understanding of the issues, ideas, and values of an important historical text.(Under 3 ratings)
Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have A Dream"Students will be able to read the text closely to determine themes and ideas. Students will analyze how words and phrases are used in the text to shape meaning. They will be able to discuss how the use of these figures of speech afffect listeners and readers in a powerful way.(Under 3 ratings)
9th Grade:
The Life of MLK-Provide background for To Kill a Mockingbird by learning about segregation in America -Review a historical speech in a literary context(Under 3 ratings)

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